send me in the smallest vessel
set me in the deepest sea
in the stillness i remember
what is hidden in between

in the night my spirit hovers
over other places far away
in the morning i recover
and put on my best face

everything is always out of place
fallen trees the wind lay waste
god gave us oceans to test our strength
to see if we'd cross them, anyway

now leave me while i stoke this fire
and give me time to count the stars
never mind the silence
in between our hearts

everything is always out of place
fallen dreams we can't erase
god gave us emotion, a threshold of pain
to see if we'd cross that line anyway, anyway 

(living ones)
we are the living ones
walking among the dust
all is changing all that remains
are these traces of ourselves

we cannot know what happens next
we'll live in dreams we've never dreamt 
we cannot know what happens next
we'll live in dreams we have not dreamt

i take a road to your house
dressed in my warmest clothes
we say goodbye, until next time
in another life, or this one

snow is falling, to the brick streets, laying down
as you speak, little clouds rise from your mouth
and then they're gone

burst open my heart with virtuous resolve
take me in a rapture to my new home
thought these days are quiet, we're travelers in time
i'll leave my body here and i will meet you in the sky

lonely but only alone in my own sphere
i rise to the surface a new universe appears
chaos is normally turning to oderly things
but normal is not ordinarily what we perceive

when the stars die, they leave with glorious light
so we will not go silently into the dark night
tell me with your eyes, just what you feel inside
the weightlessness of every breath you take
is more than i can ever write